Re-doing Your Kitchen

The kitchen is without doubt the heart of a home. It is a communal space that most people use everyday, not only to prepare meals, but also to dine. Even those who eat out must spend time in the kitchen, whether grabbing a glass of juice or storing left-overs.
Given frequency of use, the kitchen needs to be practical, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. There is a vast difference between preparing a large meal in a small dungeon of a kitchen with out-dated appliances and cooking in a brightly lit, airy kitchen that allows for unencumbered movement. If your kitchen falls into the former category perhaps it’s time to think about redecorating. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Room size
  • Layout – how cabinets will be distributed around appliances in :
  • Single Row, Double Row, L-Shape, or U-Shape kitchens (islands may be included)

  • Cabinets – re-faced, stock or custom built. If not custom, decide on new     doors and drawer fronts, or new finish – veneer, varnish or paint
  • Cabinet materials – Veneer-covered or Wood, e.g. Cedar, Oak, Pine
  • Cabinet door styles – framed or panel
  • Countertops – selection depends on design, taste and budget
  • Hinges, Knobs, Drawer Slides and Pulls – should be of good quality for hard usage and durability
  • Sinks and Faucets – the style should be consistent with the kitchen

kitchen cabinets types

  • Location of drawers – across the tops of floor cabinet units, as banks of drawers or a combination of both.
  • Use of moldings at tops and bottoms of wall cabinet units,
  • Accessories, such as Plate Rack, Wine Rack, Wine Glass Rack, Appliance Garage, Seasoning Shelf, Microwave Unit, etc.,
  • If you are re-facing your existing cabinets, you may want to check other hardware such as drawer guides, hinges, shelf boards, as these may also need to be changed out,
  • A new kitchen will tend to show up older appliances, you may want to consider changing those out as well.