Lawnmower Tips

MowerIf you're a house-proud homeowner, then you maintain an immaculate yard. Exteriors are just as important as interiors, and knowing this, you've eliminated all weeds from your garden, bordered the lawn with bright flowers and made sure the grass is completely level.

Get to Know Your Hammer

HammerEveryone knows what hammers are for. Hitting things into place… right? You’d be surprised. Not only do hammers have tons of different uses but there are many different types of hammers. Using the right hammer for the job could enhance the quality of your work and can save you time. 

Use all your resources to get inspired!

Sometimes we know exactly what needs improvement in our homes, what items can complete a room or the part we need to fix a broken household item. Other times we just sense that something is missing or needs change but we can’t quite pinpoint anything in particular.

If you find yourself in this position here’s what you can do for inspiration:

Kids in the kitchen

Kitchen UnitCooking is a necessary life skill that is easily learned when young and perhaps almost as important as learning Mathematics and English. Parents can show kids how to help themselves by involving them in cooking and encouraging their participation in meal preparation. Cooking can also be a fun activity that fosters family time and bonding. By getting children involved in the kitchen you also help them to express their creativity and become more independent.

Choosing the Right Faucets

Changing your faucets is one of the easiest ways to add drama and a sense of style to even the most drab bathroom or kitchen. They come in many sizes and styles to suit the individual’s taste. They are also sold in a variety of finishes such as chrome, brass, and copper, which often determines their durability.

Cutting-edge technology

Rapid True Value supervisor Camille McLeod illustrates how to use an electric knifeIf you've ever tried carving meat, you'll know it's difficult to keep the cuts straight and smooth. That is unless you're using an electrical knife.

"I would recommend that each household get one of these," quips Rapid True Value supervisor Camille McLeod who is showing Thursday Tech the electric knives the store carries.

Rapid True Value Goes To The Roof!!!

Rapid True Value has re-entered the local roofing material market with Allmet™ Stone Coated Steel Roof tiles. This product of superior quality, is manufactured by Metals USA, a company with a track record of supplying superior roofing products.

Allmet Stone Coated Steel Roof tiles

Mason's Select Concrete Stains Coming Soon To RTV

Mason's Select Concrete StainsTired of your dull, boring concrete surfaces? Want to add beauty and elegance to a drab driveway, patio, garage or concrete floor?

Rapid True Value has the answer! Rapid True Value introduces Mason's Select line of Concrete Stains…a colour system for extraordinary concrete!

Makita Tools Demo

The Makita professional tools demo was recently conducted in five Rapid True Value Hardware & Home Centre Stores. Namely, Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Mandeville, Portmore & Lane Plaza. The demonstrations were held to support the line of professional Makita tools that was being promoted in our Labour Day catalog. Our staff members were on hand at each demonstration, and have benefited tremendously from the training exercise. They are now better able to answer any range of questions posed by our customers.

Decorations for the Season with Rapid True Value

Lane RTVThe countdown has begun and many stores, shops, warehouses and haberdasheries have already started to offer exciting bargains for the upcoming holiday season. Rapid True Value in keeping with tradition has kicked off their 'Great Paint Event', for the month of November customers will enjoy deep discounts on select paint brands in all thirteen locations islandwide.