How to choose the right lawn mower to suit your needs

If you’re house-proud and happy to show it, then you most likely have an immaculate yard. Exteriors are just as important as interiors, and knowing this, you’ve eliminated all weeds from your garden, bordered the lawn with bright flowers and made sure the grass is completely level.

Of course, if you’re shaking your head at this moment then it’s time to get started. One of the first and easiest things to do is to mow the grass and keep it that way. Tall, uncut grass makes a home look rundown, and junk often collects in it. Choose a mower based on your lawn size, terrain and willingness to exert yourself. Below are some mower
features you might consider before you buy. 

Lawnmowers Advantages Disadvantages
Gas push mower good hedge trimmers; best for small lawns; source of exercise not self-propelled; smog emissions
Self-propelled gas mowers reduces cutting time for large lawns; self-propelled; reduced exertion; front-wheel and back-wheel drive for obstacles like trees; best for hills not good for trimming hedges; smog emissions
Corded electric mower good for small lawns; eco-friendly; quiet; inexpensive requires extremely long extension cord; not good for tall, thick grass
Cordless electric mower uses rechargeable batteries; eco-friendly; quiet; longer range not good for tall, thick grass
Reel mowers quiet; low-maintenance; good for small, flat yards; lightweight not good for cutting tall, thick grass; easily dulled blades